Cake Decorating and Edible Icing Prints started with my passion for baking and decorating. A passion that was passed down from my very creative Mum, who did anything and everything crafty, creative and is amazing at it all. She made her own wedding Cake and inspired me to follow my dream of Cake Decorating. Although time got the better of her teaching me everything, she helped me with my very first cake of applying fondant and gave me a few tricks that she knew while we did my first cake when I was in year 12. I have defiantly learnt a few tricks the hard way and has been an awesome journey, leading me to where I am today.

As a little girl I grew up on a Sheep Station 250km from any major town and shops. At shearing time, I would always decorate cupcakes, pavlovas, cakes (just for shearers) all in between doing sheep work.

I loved making anything look ‘pretty’! I started my very first cake for a teacher to say thank you in December 2012 and Mum and Dads 25th Anniversary in January 2013. It was my first time doing anything to do with fondant, flowers and making a cake level.

I had my heart set on it and did cakes for family and friends where and when I could, which quickly spread to paid cakes and 5 years later a successful side business.

I have a small Family, My Husband Mark, Dakodah 4, Knox 1. With a busy life of working Full time as an electrician/ electrical draftsman.

In July 2015 My husband had a Major Motorbike Accident, After 2 weeks in Melbourne Alfred Hospital. He couldn’t work for 12 months and was a long hard 12 months with a brand-new house and 6 month old little girl at the time. We had no income from his accident for 18 months and that’s where ‘Cake Decorating and Edible Icing Prints’ began its real journey! I worked Full time, cut up my husband’s meals, all cleaning, all cooking, adjusted our house so he could get around and did all the cakes and edible images I could fit in to make up somewhat of his wage for 2 and half years to try and catch up in lost income.

We have been very blessed from the support of Sunraysia and the support of Australia with posting edible images Australia wide. My passion and skill has begun to grow so much more in this time to now being able to teach my very own Cake classes!

The passion behind cake classes, I know how busy life can get with children and daily challenges along the way, not being able to do something for yourself because you always have others to take care of and think about. If I can help a Mum do something for herself in her own home late at night when kids are asleep, or help a grandmother do something special for her grandchildren or help someone save money in doing it yourself – then I am happy to be the one that can make a difference in your life. It’s not about giving away ‘trade secrets’ it’s about sharing a passion that you can’t get from google or you-tube!

Behind the scenes of Edible images – a customer came to me and asked for a ben 10 cake, I thought okay I can do that, I ended up painting him on a cake and from that moment I ordered my first edible image set up! I used money from a party plan I made up while I was school and working on the family farm 250ks form Mildura every Friday night travelling up there to work all weekend and come back Sunday night and work as Electrician Monday – Friday.

I get asked why do I do so much, why don’t I just relax with everyday work, kids, Cakes, Australia wide edible images – I did what I had too in tough times for my family but ultimately - it is because I love everything I do, I have an extreme passion for it all and to show my kids that if you have a dream, follow it, push it to the limits and have balance in all that you do! Sometimes what we call ‘balance’ doesn’t always show, but If you do your best you know how too at the time. If I can help someone or make life easier for someone or give them some me time, then I am completely satisfied!